How To Deal With A Chipped Tooth

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How To Deal With A Chipped Tooth

Teeth can get chipped for a variety of reasons. It could be because of cavities, getting hit in the mouth while playing sports, getting into an accident, grinding your teeth, or biting into hard food or objects such as nuts, ice or candy.

Over the years, various dental treatments have been developed to fix chipped teeth. Let our Kokomo dentist share some advice on how to deal with a chipped tooth.

Should you be alarmed when your tooth gets chipped?

In most cases, a chipped tooth is not considered life-threatening or a medical emergency. However, it is still important to schedule a dental appointment as soon as you can.

Chipped teeth need to be checked and monitored carefully. Other than making your teeth look jagged and unsightly, a large chip has the potential of exposing the nerves inside. This makes you more prone to experiencing pain while eating hot or cold food.

Plus, the enamel protects your inner nerves from bacteria going in. Without it, you run the risk of developing an infection.

What can you do with a chipped tooth?

There are several options available depending on the size of the chip or the severity of the damage. Here are some of them:

  • Polishing instrument

A polishing instrument may be used to deal with tiny chips. These may appear as minor imperfections on your tooth, but not enough to damage the enamel or any of the other layers underneath it. Dentists use polishing instruments to make the rough edges smoother.

  • Bonding

The bonding procedure involves applying resins to your teeth and curing with light. This will help maintain the tooth’s structure. Bonding is another way to treat minor chips and damage to your teeth.

In the case of larger chips, your dentist may recommend getting a veneer. Used to correct minor misalignments and close gaps, the process involves placing a layer of porcelain over the enamel. This covers the flaw while making the teeth stronger.

  • Crowns

Compared to veneers, crowns provide a more permanent solution to repairing chipped teeth. A crown is normally used to repair major chips. Veneers are only typically applied to one surface while crowns can cover the entire tooth.

If you live in Kokomo, you can call our dental offices to schedule an appointment. Our resident dentist in Kokomo can check the condition of your teeth to see what treatment options are applicable.


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