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The wisdom teeth, or third molars, usually erupt between the ages of 17 and 25. They can sometimes appear earlier or later. But regardless of what age your wisdom teeth start erupting, you need to brace yourself for some discomfort. This is because the appearance of the third molars is usually marked by a few painful and uncomfortable signs and symptoms.

If the question “When are my wisdom teeth coming in?” has been playing on your mind for several years now (and you’re already feeling anxious about their eruption), here are five common signs and symptoms you need to watch out and prepare for:

A recurring toothache

According to dentists from the Northview Dental of Kokomo, the pain that accompanies the appearance of wisdom teeth usually varies from person to person. However, in general, the pain is infrequent at the start and becomes more frequent as the teeth begin to come in further. Once your wisdom teeth begin to erupt, you may start feeling a consistent dull ache, accompanied by sharp pain every now and then at the back part of your mouth. This pain will become even more noticeable and excruciating if the partially grown wisdom tooth gets infected.

Irritation and soreness of the gums

Once your wisdom teeth start coming in, you may also feel a slight irritation in the gums. Your gums will feel sore and may even swell a bit as well. You will feel these uncomfortable sensations in the region directly behind the second molar.

Redness in the area where the wisdom tooth will erupt

The gum flap over the wisdom teeth would turn red or dark pink once your third molars start erupting. The gums on these areas also tend to bleed easily, especially while brushing your teeth. However, even if you feel pain and notice some gum bleeding, you should continue brushing since it is important to keep the flap clean because the collection of food debris under it can cause an infection.

Frequent, accidental biting of your tongue and cheek

The wisdom teeth typically crowd the mouth when they erupt since they don’t have any space of their own. This will cause you to accidentally bite your tongue or cheek more often. These accidents usually happen while you are eating or talking.

Pain in other parts of your head

Once your wisdom teeth appear, they will start pressing nerves found on your other teeth and the pressure on these nerves can lead to pain in other regions of your head. The pain will often be felt in your jaws, eyes, and ears. They would also be commonly felt at night.

In some cases, the appearance of wisdom teeth does not come with any pain or discomfort. There will be instances wherein they won’t even erupt at all. However, it is best to be aware of signs of wisdom teeth eruption and to see one of our Kokomo Dentists whenever you feel or observe any of the usual symptoms. Contact our office today if you believe your wisdom teeth are coming in. 

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