Why Replacing Lost Teeth is Important

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Teeth play a crucial role in the overall functioning of the body. Therefore, when you lose some due to tooth decay, periodontal disease, or an accident, dentists recommend having them promptly replaced.

Some people are inclined to think that replacement is only necessary for those who value their looks because there are people who seem to manage just fine with a few teeth missing.

Northview Dental Kokomo reiterates, however, that there are serious health consequences that come with lost choppers, including the following:

Lost Teeth Causes Digestion Issues

It is the teeth’s job to cut up food into small pieces so the digestive system can process everything easily. If you don’t have enough teeth for the job your body is being over worked. This is due to your body having to produce more acids and enzymes to further break down food.

It’s not uncommon for people who have a lot of missing teeth to suffer from stomachaches after meals. Thus, doctors recommend a soft diet to make digestion easier.

Lost Teeth Causes Remaining Teeth to Suffer

When you have lost a tooth or a couple of teeth, and you choose not to replace them with an implant or permanent denture or bridge, this automatically affects the health of surrounding teeth, says Dr. Anthony Kiesel.

Wear and tear can happen faster in this situation. Plus, these remaining teeth can suffer from pains often because they’re bearing a burden that used to be shared by the now missing teeth.

Lost Teeth Cause Remaining Teeth to Shift

The consequences of having teeth that have shifted out of position go beyond aesthetics. The mouth just feels weird, especially if you have a canine tooth that has moved.

Also, you become prone to injuries because the difference in shape and function of teeth can alter the mouth’s natural movement.

Lost Teeth Can Cause Jawbone to Deteriorate & Erode

This will alter the shape of the gums and you will require a bone graft if you decide to get a dental implant later on.

Missing Teeth Make it Easier for Plaque to Build up

When there’s a gap between teeth, a pocket is created for food debris to settle into. This increases the likelihood of developing periodontal disease. This disease is actually linked to certain types of cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular problems.

These are just some of the reasons why replacing lost teeth is important. Any form of deficiency can lead to problems. Fortunately, when it comes to missing teeth, there are several replacement solutions available. Consult with Northview Detnal Kokomo to determine which one is best for you.

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