Tooth Health 101: Why Do We Use Intra-Oral Cameras?

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Admit it, dental tools and equipment scare the life out of you. So, this comes as no surprise as a lot of people initially get traumatized as kids after being exposed to the horrors of the dental drill.

However, this irrational fear becomes minimal once you are familiar with the value it provides for your dental health.

If you’ve ever seen your dentist at Northview Dental reach for a pen-like instrument he/she used during one dental procedure, that would certainly have been an intra-oral camera. Additionally, if you are unfamiliar with it, here are some essential facts about intra-oral cameras.

What is an intra-oral camera?

This sophisticated dental gadget is making waves in the field of dentistry as it offers high-resolution real-time images transmitted from the camera itself to a computer and monitor or screen. In essence, you can see exactly what your dentist is seeing in your oral cavity.

Why do we use intra-oral cameras?

These relatively small gadgets work powerfully to help you, the patient, and your dentist in a number of ways:

  • Having powerful magnifying capabilities, intra-oral cameras allow your dentist to examine your mouth in great detail
  • Based on the aforementioned factor, your dentist can accurately diagnose your condition
  • You get to have a better understanding of your oral health as the images your dentist shows you
  • This will, in turn, result in you being able to make faster decisions regarding the dental therapy you require
  • Can easily be used for insurance claims or second opinions
  • It is easier for your dentist to keep track of your dental record

Intra-oral cameras are useful to dentists determining the extent of damage in a fractured tooth or progression of gum disease. Therefore, knowing for sure about the condition of your teeth and/or gums greatly helps your Northview dentist in devising a treatment plan appropriate for your needs.

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