Dental 101: How to Avoid Red Wine Teeth

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Health news and science have touted the health benefits of antioxidant-rich red wine. So people have more cause to celebrate with their favorite bottle of wine.

The problem is, red wine is notorious for staining people’s teeth. Since tooth enamel isn’t an even and perfectly smooth surface, the strong pigments in red wine have the teeth’s surface irregularities and tiny cracks and grooves to stick into.

So before indulging in that red, you’re thinking of opening as you wind down for the day, here’s some sage advice from a Kokomo dentist to help you avoid red wine teeth.  

Clean your teeth before taking a sip.

Stain sticks to the plaque found on the surface of your teeth. So what you can do to prevent that is brush and floss before your wine-tasting event. Without food particles for the red wine pigments to cling to, you minimize the chances of you getting red wine teeth.

Steer clear of white wine.

Strange, isn’t it? But white wine usually has higher acidity. Drinking some before your reds will naturally increase your chances of red wine staining. If you like white wine, then just don’t drink your red wine after, or get the acid off your teeth first before indulging in reds.

Eat, drink and be merry.

There’s a good reason why cheese (especially hard cheese) pairs so well with red wine. The micropores in your teeth get sealed off when you eat cheese before taking a sip of your wine. There’s also the added benefit of calcium that helps strengthen tooth enamel.

You can also have biscuits with that cheese, or enjoy high fiber and hydrating appetizers such as celery sticks, broccoli, and carrots which are low in sugar and stimulate saliva production – your mouth’s natural way of cleansing the mouth of food debris and plaque-causing bacteria.

Drink up on H2O.

You may opt for everyday drinking water or soda water. Alternating drinking red wine with water ensures red wine residue is immediately washed away to prevent staining. Plus, you get to avoid a bad hangover the next day!

Don’t brush your teeth immediately after drinking red wine.

Brushing your teeth right after emptying your last glass of red wine is important.

The acids left over from your drinking are sure to wreak havoc on your tooth enamel. First, wash it off with water to ensure your natural salivary production has gotten rid of the wine acids from your mouth.

As always, keep in mind that daily oral care and regular visits to the dentist play a crucial role in all teeth-related situations. But to avoid red wine teeth, be sure to include the above tips to your list.

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