Yes, an Apple a Day Could Keep the Dentist Away!

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Crunchy fruits and vegetables like apples, pears, carrots, celery stalks and green beans are among what are considered natural toothbrushes. They stimulate your salivary glands as you chew them, effectively washing away leftover food particles and tooth decay-causing bacteria. Their firm, crispy flesh and fibrous texture help to naturally clean teeth. So an apple a day could keep the dentist away?

Unlike particular fruit, you can eat them at any time of the day without harming your teeth. So really, an apple a day could keep the dentist away.

To encourage you further into getting habituated to apple eating, especially when apple season comes, here are a few more reasons according to a dentist in Kokomo, Indiana:

Apples are nutrient-packed

These juicy and nutritionally dense fruits are rich in vitamin C, potassium and antioxidants like quercetin, catechin and chlorogenic acid.

  • Quercetin – Anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, anti-viral and anti-cancer
  • Catechin – Aids in improving brain and muscle functioning
  • Chlorogenic acid – Helps in weight loss and controlling blood pressure

Apples have a low glycemic index

Although they are primarily composed of carbohydrates, water, and sugar, apples have a surprisingly low glycemic index. So they are great sources of energy which do not pose any risks to health unless eaten in massive amounts.

In fact, one study has proven that women who eat one or more apples in a day reduced their risk of developing type-2 diabetes by as much as 28%.

Apples have high fiber content

With about 4 grams of fiber in one medium apple, these fruits are an excellent source of both soluble and insoluble fiber. Fiber plays a significant role in digestion. What happens with apples is that the fiber stays and ferments in the colon. This is beneficial to gut bacteria and protects the body from colon cancer.

Apples help reduce cholesterol levels

Containing more fiber than breakfast cereals, plus plenty of pectins, apples are healthy and delicious.

A word of caution

Nutritionists say that as opposed to earlier apple varieties which contained about 10% sugar, apple varieties today like Fuji, gala and pink lady have about 15% sugar content.

So to ensure the benefits continue to outweigh the health risks posed by eating apples, be sure to drink plenty of water in between. Also, avoid drinking fruit juice or concentrates no matter how natural they claim to be. Eating apples and other fruits in their natural form is still the best way to harness their nutritional advantages.

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