When wisdom teeth cause pain


Though it seems like a rite of passage for most young adults, not all wisdom teeth need to be removed. Some lucky people can keep their wisdom teeth without complications. If wisdom teeth are symptomatic, however, removing them can eliminate any problems that arise.

impacted wisdom teeth

One of the most common problems with wisdom teeth is not having enough room for them to erupt properly.

Since your wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are at the very back of your jaw, they may begin to cause pain if they do not have enough room to emerge. They can push against your other teeth or even grow in at odd angles, threatening the health of your other teeth.

Some wisdom teeth try to come through your gums, but if they can’t erupt properly, they will begin to recede again until they eventually repeat the process. This is called impaction.

Even if wisdom teeth do emerge, they can still cause symptoms for many patients. If they grow in at an angle, it can be difficult to keep your teeth clean. Flossing and brushing effectively can be a real challenge! Because of this, wisdom teeth are also more prone to decay and gum disease.

making a diagnosis

If you or your child begin to experience symptoms or notice that wisdom teeth are erupting, we can perform an oral evaluation to determine if they should be removed.

We use 3-D cone beam technology to diagnose many conditions. A 3-D image of your teeth and bone allows us to diagnose accurately and plan effective surgeries. If you do need to have your wisdom teeth removed, we can plan your surgery before we even begin so everything goes smoothly.

wisdom teeth extractions

Most dental offices give you a referral when it is time for wisdom teeth to come out. At Northview Dental of Kokomo, however, we can comfortably and effectively remove problematic wisdom teeth right here.

We always make sure our patients are comfortable for every procedure. If you have anxiety about your treatment, let us know. We offer sedation dentistry in our office.

Once we remove your teeth, we will provide you with aftercare instructions to make sure you heal properly. While some soreness is normal after treatment, over-the-counter pain medications are usually enough to do the trick.

We recommend that you eat soft foods, avoid using a straw or smoking, and keep your extraction sites clean. We will show you how to do this without disturbing the healing process.

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